What Is A UPF 50+ Rating? And Why Should You Wear Clothes That Carry It ?

UV Protection Factor or “UPF”

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. This  rating system measures the UV protection provided by fabrics. Some clothes provide more and some provide less. It is very similar to the SPF rating system used for sunscreens. A garment with a UPF of 50 only allows 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the surface of the garment to pass through it. In other words, it blocks 49/50ths or 98% of the UV radiation.

         Sites like Mott50.com, parasolsun.com,  and Coolibar.com  are among  the sites that sell clothes that can protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays. Although they don’t carry a wide variety of clothes and accessories to choose from, their clothes block at least 98% UVA/UVB. These clothes are recommended for people with a history of skin cancer, people with sensitive skin, and those who are exposed to the sun a lot, like gardeners and construction workers. Clothes that are made with cotton fabrics are usually cooler than other fabrics. Therefore, they carry a higher UPF rating.

          As for me? I am completely fine with any fabric during the summer. I rarely get sun burned. Unless I spend a day on the beach, I don’t even need a great amount of sunscreen. But my daughter get sun burned easily because she has a history of  eczema.  You can expect to spend between $60-$200 for a dress that carries a UPF of 50+. You can pay this amount of money for a dress depending on how severe your skin condition is, or you can just wear regular clothes made with cotton or bamboo fabrics during the summer. Don’t wait until you are going to the beach to wear your sunscreen, and your summer will be just fine.


Fashion According To Van Gogh: Sleeveless Deco Print Dress $1695

          I cannot tell you guys how excited I was when I saw this picture on  luckymag.com. I was happy because it’s one of my favorite piece of art. I bought it at a garage sale for only $14. Yes. It’s fake, but that does not make me any less excited. It’s been hanging on my wall since 2005. I decorated my office around it; that’s how much I love it. The original painting can go up to $1,400 depending on the size you choose. People who saw Van Gogh painting at night in 1888 probably thought that he was crazy. But isn’t that what passion is? Going after what you want no matter what the obstacles are. 
Fashion According to Van Gogh
        A $1,695 dress deserves to be worn with a pair of shoes worthy of the fabric that was used to create the dress. That’s where Valentino’s $1,695 Crystal-Embellished lace pumps come in. A pair of Chanel shades and Michael Kors’ tote  make this outfit the ultimate traveler’s must-have.

One Dress Three seasons: How to Make Your Shift Dress Work For You All Seasons

one Dress, Three seasons
Hi guys,
       I want to thank all my new followers. I love you guys! This blog is nothing without you, especially those of you who stop by to drop a line and those of you who subscribed either via bloglovin’ or via email. This blog has been up for only three months and we have over 600 visitors a day and 118 email subscribers. So thanks to you Facebook likers, Pinterest pinners, stumbleUpon stumblers, Digg diggers, and Google+ plus……ers.

       This post is to remind you guys that the little shift dress that you have in your closet is a four-season dress. If you like to wear layers during the winter like me, you can wear a cardigan, a coat, stockings, and a pair of ankle boots to keep you warm during the winter. A colorful cardigan worn with a belt over the dress with some flats will give you a nice Spring look. Show off your shoulders and your pedicured toes by wearing your dress with nothing but statement jewelries and a pair of open-toed shoes. The Spring look can also be worn as a Fall look, but wear neutral colors instead of bold prints. A light jacket or knee high boots would not hurt your Fall look either.

      Are you a dress girl? Or a top and bottom girl?

How To Tame Down Your Neon Hues This Summer

Are You Scared of wearing NEON?
         This post is not about how to wear neon. It is about taming it down. Believe it or not, the colors that you wear can have huge effects on your skin tone. It can either make your skin look darker, or a little too bright for your taste.  And depending on how you pair your colors, one color can make the other color appear brighter than it actually is. Below are a few tips and tricks that you can use to downplay your neon.

  1. Bold accessories like a bib necklace,  hoop or dangling earrings in a different printed color can reduce the brightness of the neon piece you’re wearing.
  2. When wearing a neon top or a dress, avoid wearing it as a contrast color.
  3. Avoid wearing it with neutrals. That will make it stand out more.
  4. Wear a sheer scarf or a short sleeved denim jacket when wearing a neon dress or top.
  5. Wear your neon top with printed bottoms instead of solid colors like black to downplay it.
  6. If after trying tips 1-5 you still think that neon is still too bright for your face, wear neon accessories like shoes, a belt, clutch or crossbody bags instead of big and bold neon pieces like a blouse, blazer, or a dress.

Do you have any tips on how to wear neon? Share it with us below!

3 Ways To Pair Your White Shirt With Your Little Black Dress For A Professional Look

3 ways to pair your white shirt with your LBDHi Girlfriends!

          We know there are 4 iconic pieces in fashion that will never go out of style: the LBD, the Chanel Jacket, the crisped white shirt, and those blue jeans. Today we are pairing two iconic pieces to create a professional look.

From left to right:

  1. The dress is worn over the shirt with a black belt at the waist to create definition. a belt is needed if you don’t have a pear shape and want to have that statuesque look. A woman with a pear shape can skip the belt if it draws too much attention to the hips. A black pair of pumps is added to complete the look. A dress with a square or round neck is recommended for this look as less buttons will be shown.
  2. The shirt is worn over the dress with a red belt and red pumps. You can leave the shirt unbutton half-way from the top to create a less conservative look. A belt at the waist is necessary.  The sleeves can be rolled up also. 
  3. A sleeveless shirt can also be worn over the little black dress for a less formal look, or a blazer can be worn as an extra layer depending on your company’s dress code. The third look is a chic look for a casual Friday. You can easily loose the blazer and head to the bar after work for a well-deserved cocktail hour.

Your feedback is important. Leave your input below!

What To Wear To a Cocktail Party

        What the hell is a cocktail party is what we should be asking? The answer is not as simple as you think it is. A cocktail party is a not-too-formal social gathering where mixed drinks, light snacks, or hors d’oeuvres are served. All guests at a cocktail party are expected to mingle by engaging in meaningful conversations. All guests should expect at least 3 beverages from their server or the host. A cocktail party is also an occasion to meet new people and potential friends.

         A cocktail dress is the appropriate attire for a cocktail party, but you have other options. A top with special details or embellishment around the bust and a simple skirt or tailored pants, plus heels or fancy flats can be worn. Fabrics like jersey and denim should be avoided. If the cocktail party is work related (organized by your firm), avoid being too corporate-ish. A pantsuit or a fitted cashmere top with a knee-length  satin skirt, heels, earrings, and stacked bangles are  perfectly fine. Wear a silky top if the pantsuit is your outfit of choice.

        Cocktail parties are different from cities to cities. A cocktail party in New York city -where people like to look chic at social events-  might be different from a cocktail party in a more relaxed city. Figure out what people usually wear at cocktail parties in your area so you don’t look over-dressed or otherwise. The main reason people have cocktail parties is to relax and have fun. So dress comfortably and drink on!

Chic Find Of The Week: Neon Dreams Sheer Blouse

NEONHi friends,

             The chic find of this week is a neon blouse. Neon is a very popular trend this season. It is also a limited trend because it is not something that you can wear during cooler seasons. This top is being sold at modDeals for only $12.50. I love the green sheer layering over the orange. This bright color combination works well with neutral colors, but  I have decided to pair this top with  some blue jeans from the same store to keep the look together. A pair of cut out flats and a tweed hat make this look ideal for an outdoor event.

       Will you try neon this summer, or not?