Color Wheel: Pairing Complementary Color Green With Red

Nothing. Just working with some complementary colors Hi Fashionistas,
        I know we are on a budget, but we are working with some high end stuff  today. well, except for the bracelets, the t-shirt, and the earrings, which cost $9.00, $45.00, and $25.00 consecutively. We are still on the color wheel, and we are pairing complementary colors.
Complimentary colors are colors that live right across from each other. I picked green. Green is located right across from red, which makes it a perfect match.

About the look:
       I don’t know if it’s because I lived in NY city for so long, I always have this a-day-in-the-city-kind-of-outfit- in my mind. When you walk into a store on fifth avenue in NY city on the East side, you don’t want the security guard at the PRADA store to think that you cannot afford anything in there, so you dress the part. The pants are neon green by Olivia and Alice or Alice + Olivia. Who cares. The original price is $291 at, but they are on sale for $204.00. The Brahim polka dots satchel bag costs $285.00. And finally, the shoes are by Christian Louboutin. Sexy, curvy, red hot heels for $585. 00.
       Remember, the t-shirt must be tucked into the shorts to show the bow details that make those pants one of a kind.

 Leave your comments below. I love to hear from you.

Outfit Ideas: The Beauty Of Combining Red With Yellow

The beauty of combining red with yellow

Wool cardigan, $105 / Ralph Lauren Blue Label printed polo shirt / Blugirl / Nicholas Kirkwood slipon shoes, $600 / Brooks Brothers studded jewelry / Nude and Gold Trim Stud Envelope Clutch, $30

The look:

         This is a I-need-you-to-take-me-seriously kind of look. A polo shirt tucked into a pleated skirt with a $600.00  pair of suede pumps. The 100% wool see through cardigan speaks volume when combined with yellow. The look would not be serious without a pair of red stud earrings.

Would you wear red with yellow?

Color Wheel: 3 Ways To Match Brown With Green

3 ways to pair green with brown

Hi ladies,
        I have 3 great ways for you to pair green with brown. The color green ranges from very dark to very, very light. The idea is to use the lightest shade of green possible when pairing it with brown.

  •  A green dress, two-toned sandals, two-toned earrings, and a nice clutch. Any shift  brown dress would be easy to pair with those accessories also.
  • A single-breasted jacket, tank top tucked into some Capri pants, open toe shoes with a regular handbag.
  • A print pencil skirt, with a solid brown blouse, brown pointy toe heels, and satchel handbag.

What do you think?

Color Wheel: How To Match Brown with Pink and Orange

Pairing Brown with pink and orange

 Hi friends, 
            I am pairing Pink and Orange with Brown today. Orange is already from the brown family, which makes it even easier to match these two colors. You get orange by mixing red and yellow. There are different shades of orange.  We have Persian orange which is a light brown, then we have brown itself. 

Pairing orange & pink  with brown:

  1.  A two-toned orange dress, light brown shoes, dark brown clutch for a formal event like a wedding.
  2. Orange top, two-piece brown suit, black shoes  for work.
  3. A pink dress, peach orange purse, brown shoes, for a dinner night.
  4. Brown jeans, pink/orange top, two-toned (leopard, cheetah) pumps, brown belt for a girls’ night out
  5. You can mix and match pink, orange,  and brown whichever way you want for any casual look.

Any ideas?

Color Wheel: How To Match Brown With Turquoise

Pairing Brown WIth Turquoise
         I am taking over the color wheel for the next couple of months to show you guys how to pair different colors and how to style them. Today we are pairing brown with turquoise. Turquoise is the color you get when you mix blue and green together. There are different shades of turquoise. For example: we have light turquoise, medium turquoise, Celeste turquoise, dark turquoise, blue turquoise and so on.

 The exact opposite color to brown is blue,which means we can pair any color from the blue family with brown.

Pairing Brown with turquoise:

  1. Turquoise top, two-piece brown suits (pants or skirt) as an accent color for work
  2. Brown dress, turquoise shoes, nice brown clutch purse for date/dinner night
  3. Striped brown/black skirt, turquoise top, black shoes for a casual look
  4. Turquoise skinny jeans/skirt, nice brown cheetah top, black heels, for an  after-five look.
  5. Turquoise gown, brown shoes, brown clutch purse for a wedding, or a more formal event. 

What do you think?