My Mid-Summer Protective Style With Milky Way 100% Wet & Wavy Indian Human Hair

               It took me a little over 4 hours to do my hair today. I used the  Milky Way 100% Wet & Wavy Indian Human Hair, which I am totally in love with. One 8″pack costs $25.00. The hair can be worn straight or curly. You can either curl it with water or a moisturizing mousse.  I know I will not be wearing it straight anytime soon because I love curly hair. Curly hair is more forgiving than straight hair, and you use more hair when you wear it straight. When the hair is curly it is easier to cover the gaps than it is with straight hair. My plan is to wear it for as long as I can. I will wash it every month; and if after each wash it still looks good, I will wear it for 3 months. Below are some pictures of the hair.
My middle closure

Take a closer look.

         What the hair looked like before I used  Smooth’n Shine Olive & Tea Tree Mousse to curl it.

Tools used

Please leave a comment below if you need more info either about the braiding pattern or the hair itself.


My One Year Natural Hair Journey Update (PHOTOS)

            This picture just cracks me up, but I think it is the only picture that I have of my big chop/TWA days. I blew out my hair the other day y’all. Right now my hair is neck length. I have 4b/4c hair, which hates humidity. So my blow outs last only a few days. This coming winter will be all about protective styling. Weaves, ladies! I am talking weaving for 3 months, take it out, wash my hair, and weave again. I want my hair to be shoulder length on my next anniversary.

My Hair Now

Side Flat Twist Bun

Signature Bun With The Bow

My half Afro

Failed braid out.

Is Your Protective Style Really Protecting Your Hair?

 natural hair protective styles

       Marley braids have been so  a la mode this year. Women all over youtube have uploaded videos on how to get Marley braids using 100% Kanekalon hair. But is this kind of hair really protecting your natural hair, or destroying it? Because synthetic hair is made of artificial materials, it has a plastic feel to it. It does not feel like natural hair. Kanekalon, monofilament, polypropelene and toyokalon are specific types of synthetic hair, but Kanekalon is considered a higher quality hair, according to doctored locks.

          The number one problem with Kanekalon hair is that it is like petroleum; It blocks the oil when trying to moisturize your hair. And what happens when your hair does not get moisturized? The hair becomes dry and brittle and you end up having bits and pieces of hair all over your shoulders when you take the braids out.

         Problem number two is the heaviness . Braiding your hair with synthetic hair can actually pulls your own natural hair from your scalp. You don’t believe me! Try putting your hair into a ponytail right after you get your braids. For somebody with a sensitive scalp, even letting the braids down can put stress on your scalp. Some women even reported being allergic to this type of hair.
          Finally, not being properly cared for. Some women think that once their hair is braided, their ends are protected. They can go  weeks without touching their hair. If the natural oil produced by your body cannot travel all the way to your ends, you have a problem. Naturals with 4c hair type like me cannot afford not to care for our hair when is is braided with any kind of hair, human or otherwise.  
        So how do you make sure that your protective style actually protects your hair?

  1. Oil your scalp every other day.
  2. Moisturize your braids all the way to your ends with a water based ( light, not creamy) moisturizer like S-curl “No Drip” Activator Moisturizer. You need a moisturizer that can easily penetrate the synthetic hair.
  3. Seal in the moisture with an oil like you would if your hair were not braided.
  4. Wash your hair at least every 3-4 weeks with a clarifying shampoo to avoid product buildups.  Synthetic hair does not like to be rubbed, so massage your scalp, and avoid using your fingernails. Moisturize and seal your braids to lock in the moisture.
  5. Air dry your hair at least 90% before using a hair dryer.
  6. Wrap your hair with a satin scarf/bonnet before going to bed to retain moisture. 

         Kanekalon hair is a great alternative to 100% human hair, but it can damage your hair if not cared for properly. Even if your hair is braided that does not mean you should  stop your regular routine or regimen. Protective styles are great ways to give your hair a break from excessive styling and other manipulations, but taking care or your braids is the only way to ensure that your hair is really being protected.      


Should You Wear Your Hair Straight Or Curly This Summer?


Hi guys, 
            We are talking about natural hair today. To straighten or not to straighten is the question. Well, it is definitely up to you what you want to do to your hair. It depends on what you are most comfortable with. Like they say in French, ” Pour etre belle il faut soufrir.” Meaning “beauty is pain”. If you want to keep your hair straight all summer long you have to be ready to suffer the consequences.

       If you are not sure what do with your hair I suggest that you wear you hair curly. The number one reason why you should keep your hair curly is because wearing your hair straight will not last. So  you would have to use your hot tools over and over again to keep your hair straight throughout the summer. It will be you fighting against nature. It is already hot as it is.  If you have 4b/4c hair, you can forget about it. Your hair will only last a few days if you are lucky. Second, constantly using  hot tools will damage your hair. You probably heard of heat damage before. It is when a part of your hair is straight, and there is nothing you can do about it, and the other part is curly. A protein treatment does help in some cases, but for the most part the hair stays damage forever. 

       Yesterday I saw a lady at my church. Her twist out was so fab I had to tap on her shoulder and compliment her. Her curls were so defined and bouncy.  Mind you she was sitting right in front of me. Almost at the end of the service,1h &30 minutes later,  her hair got bigger. Her curls were turning into an Afro right in front of my eyes! I could not believe it.

         Wearing your curls during the summer is the best way to go. Some of us are not blessed with beautiful natural curls like the above model. Hell, some of us cannot even rock a great wash-and-go!  Wearing your natural hair is the healthy way to go, but make sure you are using the right products. Make sure your hair stays hydrated. Use products that will hold the curls when doing a braid out, bantu knots out, or a twist out. Giovanni Direct leave-in conditioner and Cantu Shea butter are great conditioners you can use before braiding or twisting your hair. They will hold your hair style, and what happened to my church friend will not happen to you. Praise the Lord!

7 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Hair This Summer


Hey guys,
            It hasn’t been feeling like summer lately. It’s been raining almost everyday in Acworth, Georgia. The weather is very cool, which means no need for the air conditioner to be on. But if you have been combating the heat and feel the need to just dive into the pool, I have a few tips for you on how to protect your hair and also your skin.

  1. Take your vitamins: Your hair needs to get nutrients in order to stay healthy. What you do for your hair on the inside can protect it against what’s waiting outside.
  2. Extra virgin olive oil is a good food for your hair. It provides the right amount of acid for your hair, it moisturizes the hair, and it can protect the hair against chlorine penetration. 
  3. The easiest and cheapest thing you can do for your hair is to wear a hat. A hat will protect your hair against damages caused by the heat and the UV rays.
  4.  A product with and SPF 25 or higher is great not only for your skin, but also for your hair. It can be applied after spraying your hair with water. Remember to only use the amount that your hair needs.
  5. Ultra swim chlorine removal shampoo is great for those of you who spend hours in the pool. you can also use other moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair soft after each swim.
  6. Remember to wet your hair before getting in the pool to minimize the amount of salt and chlorine that go into your hair shaft. 
  7. Using Vaseline/petroleum right after you get out of the shower is the best thing that you can do for your skin, but make sure you do it while your skin is still damped. 
    The best thing to do is to moisturize your hair with a great leave-in moisturizer and seal the moisture in before getting into the pool. 

Fake It Until You Make It: My Official Fake Afro Bun

       So I have been getting a lot of compliments whenever I wear my $9.99 faux bun. I was training a new girl the other night and she seriously thought it was my hair until a nosy co-worker asked me if it was my real hair. Don’t you just hate when they do that? Anyway, I wanted to show you guys that I am not quite there yet after chopping off my hair a year ago, but my goal is to wear this little bun until I can rock my big natural Afro bun.

My arms are getting too big. It’s time for a new diet.

       This style is for special occasions only. I only wear my bun when I am not wearing any other protective styles like braids or weaves. I have been looking forward to straightening my hair, so I am taking a break from hurting my scalp for now. I already bought my hot comb and I cannot wait until my birthday to do a complete length check. Until then, I will be rocking my fake bun.

Hugs and kisses!

11 Must Have Hair Tools For Natural Hair

11 Must Have Hair Tools For NaturalistasHi naturalistas,
        This post is to give you an idea what kind of tools I use on my hair, and to encourage you to invest in great tools for your hair. These tools are in no particular order even though they are labeled.

  1. My number one is the wide tooth comb. If you have curly hair, I recommend that you finger comb your hair before using any comb. The wide tooth comb  also minimizes shedding.
  2. I personally prefer the hair dryer that comes with the comb because it effortlessly blows out your hair.
  3. A  rat tail (pintail) comb is great for parting your hair. It can also be used with a flat iron for better results.
  4. Paddle brushes are great both for detangling and styling your hair.
  5. Every naturalista needs a bristle brush to keep fly away hair in place.
  6. A nylon brush can help in the blow drying process if you are using a hair dryer that does not come with a comb head.
  7. Curling irons can be used instead of flexi rods after the hair is flat ironed. 
  8. What naturalista does not need a hot comb? Some of us need both a flat iron and a hot comb to get bone straight hair.
  9. Sometimes our hair needs a little lift, and nothing like an Afro comb (hair pick) can help with that.
  10. We all need a little trim once in a while, that’s why a pair of scissors should be part of our hair tool collection.
  11. Ceramic flat irons, like hot combs, should not be used too often, but it is always great to have them.

What would you add to this list?