Street Style Hair: Celebration of Beauty

At the Black Beauty Expo in Chicago, women of all shades, shapes and sizes gathered to celebrate the uniqueness of our beauty. Be inspired by these tress trendsetters who embody a wide range of style, class and confidence.

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Chicago Naturals: Tracy Thornton McDonald attends the Black Beauty Summit presented by Curls Unleashed and Rachel O. Beauty in Chicago, IL.

Katanya Henry attends the Black Beauty Summit presented by Curls Unleashed and Rachel O. Beauty in Chicago, IL.
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How do you celebrate beauty and confidence?

I Cut Off My Hair For My Daughter’s Sake


     Going natural has always been a dream of mine, but I had plenty of reasons not to do it. I told myself, that cutting off my relaxer will make my extremely thin hair look even thinner. It would not be acceptable in my majority white work environment. I was concerned my husband wouldn’t find it attractive.  So I continued to wear my relaxer, short hair cuts, braids, ponytails, and any other style that was considered acceptable, especially for my work environment. However, I still had the desire to do it…someday.

     That someday came about three years ago when I learned we were having our first child and it would be a girl. I knew instantly that I wanted her to embrace her natural hair. There would be no chemicals going near her head as long as I could help it. After having our daughter, my husband & I decided I would be a stay-at-home mom. He was new to the Army and would be away for quite some time during his training. While he was in training, I played around with twist-out styles to see what I would look like with a natural look. I loved it! But is this what my hair would be like without a relaxer?

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In My opinion:
      Whatever you do in life you have to do it for a reason greater than yourself, or greater than what people might think. I believe that the birth of her daughter was what gave her the strength to do it. I knew that my husband would not like my natural hair, but I did it anyway because my reason for doing it was greater than the reasons he gave me to not do it. I went natural because I vowed to never relax my hair again, not because I missed my natural texture, or because it is a “trend” now. We all want to be our daughters’ role models. Seeing us with natural hair while growing up will show them that’s what’s normal, and it is beautiful. At least until they turn 13, anyway! That’s when they will want to try different things, including styling their own hair. You will never accomplish anything in life if you keep worrying about other people’s opinions.

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Sweater Sweet

Megan Graham from Brooklyn at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week Fall 2013.

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