The Art Of Wardrobe Planning: 5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Planning Your Wardrobe

The Art Of Wardrobe Planning      Your wardrobe, just like your home, should reflect who you are as a person. There are 5 questions you need to ask before planning your wardrobe -I learned that a long time ago when I was studying to become a seamstress- being able to answer these questions will make it easy for you to have clothes in your closet that you will actually wear.

  1. *Who Are You? ( who is your husband:-)
  2. *Where Do You Leave?
  3. *What Do You Do?
  4. *Where Do You Go?
  5. *What Are Your Needs?


    1. *I am 5’5″ . I am a conservative. I am warm-hearted. I am an indoor kind of person. 
    2. *I leave in the suburbs of Acworth, Georgia
    3. *I am a seamstress/hairdresser, computer operator, blogger/work from home
    4. *I go to church, I run errands, I go to movies/parties
    5. *I need jeans because I hate skirts, I need clothes that don’t reveal too much because I wear them for church, I need V-necks because my neck is short. I need comfortable shoes because I run errands. This is just an example.
    Things to remember:
    * Buy more of the clothes that you wear often: Office workers need more cardigans, blazers, or jackets because you can wear those over short sleeve dresses, tank tops, or blouses.
    *  Just because you work from home that does not mean you have to wear your old clothes. Your moral is higher and you work better when you wear nice, comfortable clothes. wear clothes you look attractive in ( for your husband’s sake).
    * Pick colors that make you happy. Lavender, for example, makes me happy. I love any color from the purple family. 
    * Accessories are a great part of your wardrobe. They make it easy to change your look from day to night using the same clothes. Things like, scarves, shoe clips, hats, flats, heels, sunglasses, jewelry and handbags are a must.
    *Buy pants that you can pair with different color tops so you don’t have to buy a pair of pants for each blouse. The same goes for skirts. 
    * Having expensive shoes and handbags always make up for not-to-expensive clothes. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes, always try to make your shoes and your handbags stand out.

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