Cheap Summer Finds: My Little Trip To ZARA.COM

Hello Ladies!
    I caught the ZARA fever two weeks ago.  I have heard the name ZARA everywhere for the last few months. Fashion blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and even Pinterest, but what sent me to was a post by a fellow fashion blogger. She talked about how she was waiting for the ZARA sale to start so she could do some shopping.  I bought a few things from their sale racks for some reasonable prices two weeks ago. Since it was the first time buying from them, my fear was about the clothes not fitting, but they did. Check out my Instagram page to access my dressing room!

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escription Reference Colour Size Units Amount
Total products: 44.97 USD
Shipping costs: 0.00 USD
Subtotal : 44.97 USD
Total tax: 2.70 USD
Total: 47.67 USD
SLEEVELESS TOP WITH FAUX LEATHER FRONT 0/1494/009/052/04 Natural L 1 19.99 USD
STRIPED SWEATER WITH BACK SLIT 0/5747/162/063/04 White / Green L 1 14.99 USD
TANK TOP WITH ASYMMETRIC HEM 0/5618/034/053/04 Orange L 1 9.99 USD

They don’t have a lot of women clothes on sale right now, but nothing beats free shipping and free returns.

My One Year Natural Hair Journey Update (PHOTOS)

            This picture just cracks me up, but I think it is the only picture that I have of my big chop/TWA days. I blew out my hair the other day y’all. Right now my hair is neck length. I have 4b/4c hair, which hates humidity. So my blow outs last only a few days. This coming winter will be all about protective styling. Weaves, ladies! I am talking weaving for 3 months, take it out, wash my hair, and weave again. I want my hair to be shoulder length on my next anniversary.

My Hair Now

Side Flat Twist Bun

Signature Bun With The Bow

My half Afro

Failed braid out.

What I Do When I Am Not BLOGGING: Bagging My Daughter’s Hair Gadgets

         If there is one thing I hate more than putting laundered clothes away, it is picking up my daughter’s bits and pieces of hair accessories from the floor. So one of the things that I do when I am not blogging, commenting, researching, connecting, is making sure that my daughter’s beads, barrettes, bows, hair pins are nicely organized. I love to use clear storage bags for this kind of job because they allow me to see all the accessories when I am doing my daughter’s hair.

           You can also invest in a quality storage container if you want. I still keep some of her beads with the beads that I use for my beading projects, but I keep most of her gadgets in zip lock bags. Sometimes what I do is putting them in a big container every time I step on them. When I have time, like on a Sunday after church, I organize them and store them in her favorite hello kitty shoe box.
           So this is one of the things that I do at home. I hope this idea was helpful to you!


           We drove to the Outlet Shoppes At Atlanta Mall yesterday. It is actually located in Woodstock, Ga, but I guess it is just the name of the mall.  My sister, my sister-in-law, and I met our friends there to see what all the excitement was about. It was the first time we visited the mall since its grand opening on July 18, 2013. The first thing that caught my eye was the long line to the Coach store. We waited in line for about 5 minutes. When we got in, there was nothing special, but the prices were great. They had a 50% off going on. I could easily buy a $400.00 Coach bag for $200.00, but I don’t think having a third Coach bag was a great idea. So I left the store despite my urge to buy a Coach wallet to replace my over-used Rolex wallet.

       The only shocker was the Michael Kors Outlet Store. They even had the very first bag that Michael designed for a little over $200.00. I tried on a pair of sunglasses and left the store with my heart cramping. How do you leave a Micheal Kors Outlet store empty-handed? I don’t know, but I put my best foot forward and I did. That’s how you know you’ve recovered. I left the mall with two pairs of sneakers for my kids, and nothing for me.  I took a few pictures to share my little recovered shopaholic experience with you. Check them out below!






Fashion According To Van Gogh: Sleeveless Deco Print Dress $1695

          I cannot tell you guys how excited I was when I saw this picture on I was happy because it’s one of my favorite piece of art. I bought it at a garage sale for only $14. Yes. It’s fake, but that does not make me any less excited. It’s been hanging on my wall since 2005. I decorated my office around it; that’s how much I love it. The original painting can go up to $1,400 depending on the size you choose. People who saw Van Gogh painting at night in 1888 probably thought that he was crazy. But isn’t that what passion is? Going after what you want no matter what the obstacles are. 
Fashion According to Van Gogh
        A $1,695 dress deserves to be worn with a pair of shoes worthy of the fabric that was used to create the dress. That’s where Valentino’s $1,695 Crystal-Embellished lace pumps come in. A pair of Chanel shades and Michael Kors’ tote  make this outfit the ultimate traveler’s must-have.

Cleaning Out My Closet: My Donation To HOPE HOUSE In Atlanta

Hi guys,

I HOPE you are having a great day. Yesterday I had a lot of fun trying to find clothes to donate to HOPE HOUSE in Atlanta, GA. They provide clothes and household items to abused women and their children. HOPE HOUSE has different locations and different other ways you can help. I became involved with them back in 2011. You can help by donating money online if you don’t have a location near you. Below are some of the clothes that I donated. Come to the dressing room!

I could not bring myself to give my Proenza Schouler coat away. Although it is too big.


Ralph Lauren once said, “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” I HOPE I was able to make somebody’s dream come true.

Celebrating My Birthday At The Red Lobster

Hi guys,
        Some of you probably knew that last month was my birthday. Yes, I turned 36 on June 25th. Thanks to all my google+ followers for sending so much love my way. Thanks to GOOGLE for personalizing my google search page with a wonderful birthday surprise.
I made such a big deal about my birthday last year. I was turning 35. I was excited. It was like turning 25; I wanted to do something stupid when I turned 25 and I did. Don’t ask me what it was!! So last year my sister threw a surprised birthday party for me. She bought me shoes, and my husband got me my TOSHIBA laptop. We had a lot of friends over and I had a lot of fun.
       Anyway, I wanted my birthday to be low-key this year. There is nothing fun about turning 36, 37, or 38. These numbers only get you closer to the big 4-0. Turning 40 is, let’s just say scary. I am not looking forward to it because I don’t know what to expect. I celebrated with my bubby only this year. We had a two-hour-dinner at the red lobster. We stayed for that long because our friend was the server. You know how Italians can talk. She talked so much we could not eat. ( Hi Patty).


Yes, I am holding the crab legs.

I am about to put it in my mouth.

Trying To smile when my mouth is filled with crab meat.

My hubby ate the Jesus out of those green beans.

       Now you know what to order next time you go to RedLobster. I hope you enjoyed seeing me in my most vulnerable state:-) Have a nice weekend!