5 Things I’ve Learned since I Became Natural.

  1. Natural hair does not grow faster than relaxed hair, but relaxers do slow down the growth stage. I have seen a lot of sisters with long, relaxed hair with one key thing in common: they all stretch their relaxers (wait for at least 3 months before applying a relaxer on their new growth).
  2. My hair does not shrink, it curls up and becomes very short, especially when I use glycerine oil by itself.
  4. Vitamin supplements like biotin and the B vitamins can change my hair from very soft to very hard and thick.
  5. Amla oil was not created for natural sisters. It makes the hair too hard, and it tangles it up.
  6. Not all oils are created equal. Some oils make my hair too soft, and some makes it too hard, but when mixed together they do feed my hair and make it healthy.

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    Happy To Be Natural

     Now when I look at myself in the mirror I see me.
    My whole life I was looking for long hair, but what I really needed was healthy hair.
    I relaxed my hair to make it look good, but it was never healthy.
    My hair was dry, damaged, and weak.
    Now when I look at myself in the mirror I see strong, beautiful, healthy, and versatile hair,
    hair that I can wash as often as I want without being worried about it breaking off,
    hair that I can wear bone straight, in an afro, or very curly if I want to, hair that I can do a wash and go with without out being worried about having a bad hair day.
    Yes, I am happy to be natural. I feel free.
    I am happy to be back to my roots. I embrace it.
    I feel connected to nature. I am back to the ground that gave me life.
    My hair is growing  with no miracle grow. No harsh chemicals, no steroids, and no implants.
    I am happy to be natural because I love the gift that God has given me. I love the way that He made me. I love my Crown of Glory. I love me just the way he made me.
    I am happy to be natural and it is time for you to join me.


    Product Review: Dudu-Osun Black Soap

    Growing up in Nigeria, I used to use this on my skin, but I never really heard of people using it as a shampoo till I came to the US.
    So many people, especially naturalistas swear by this soap, so I was so thirsty to try it out. My brother recently took a trip to Nigeria, and I had him get me some and I gave it a try. Sadly I wish I could swear by it also, but I can’t. It dried out my hair big time! My hair hasn’t felt this dry in a while from just being washed, so I have to resort to using it on my skin, which isn’t bad, but I just really wish it made my hair feel good like I wanted it to.
    • All natural ingredients
    • Smells good
    • Foams well
    • Dried out my hair
    • Melts away easily if left on a wet surface

    Feeling Like A Princess

    I’ve been so off my blogging game lately, I need to tick it up a notch!
    I got this top from F21 a long time ago, but since I grew a few inches taller, it seemed to have missed my waistline, but thank God for high waist bottoms(:
    I dread shrinkage!
    Top: Forever 21
    Skirt: Made in Nigeria
    Flats: Target
    I really love maxi dresses and skirts, so you just might be seeing more of that!(;

    Krystal Eco Styler Gel Review

    Smell: Bearable
    Price: 3/16 FL oz for $6.99 at Amazon.com
    Hold: 10 Maximum hold
    Claims: No Flakes, No alcohol, No Tack, Anti-Itch. Contains UV protection.
    Directions: Apply to dry or wet hair. Work desired amount through hair and style.

    Pros: The product makes hair softer when apply on wet hair.
    -It defines curls.

    Cons: The product leaves flaky, white residue on hair. It makes the hair dry and very hard to touch

    Bottom line: Very good for the price. Only buy it if you don’t mind the white flaky stuff on your hair.



    How to manage big, 4b/4c hair.

    Problem: Your hair is dry, big with possibly no curl patterns.  Solution: #1 Use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo once a week. #2 Brush your hair, wet it, and apply a moisturizing conditioner as often as possible during the week. Mix the conditioner with extra virgin olive oil in your palm before putting it on your hair from roots to ends. #3 Apply a mixture of  silicone serum and eco styler gel (with extra virgin olive oil) on your hair while it is still wet, and use your fingers to define your curls.
    Credits: The O magazine.

    Date Night

    So since I’m new at blogging, the hardest thing so far has been coming up with titles, but I’ll get past that.

    This weekend, I went on a date, and got to witness something I’ve always wanted to…a marriage proposal, it was the cutest thing ever! I wanted to start crying along with the stranger being proposed to. Lol.

    I’m thinking of trying a blowout for a proper length check, does anyone have any tips?