7 Common Hair Color Questions Women Ask


#1 – What’s the difference between all the colors on the shelves?
A: Two easy questions can help you answer that question, a) What color you want your hair to be, b) How long you want the color to last. Whether the product comes in a box or in a bottle does not really matter. You will get the same result.

#2 -What do I do if I want my color to last 6-12 months?
A: You should buy more vibrant and bold colors because the color will be temporary. Hair color in this category will give you freedom to experiment without making a long-term commitment.

#3 – Can I get a permanent hair color and a relaxer on the same day?
A: No. You need to wait 7-10 days between using a permanent hair color and a relaxer.

#4 – What can I do to maintain my color longer?
A: Relaxers, Styling tools, even the sun, can make your color fade quickly. Make sure the relaxer is applied on the new growth when getting one. Wear a hat during outdoor activities. Use a great leave- in conditioner to protect the hair and help minimize fading.

#5 – What’s a fast way to give my hair color a boost?
A: Apply a light, temporary hair color that is light enough to use the same day as a relaxer.

#6 – What kind of relaxer should I use?
A: You will need to use a relaxer based on your hair texture. Coarse hair takes longer to relax compared to thin hair. Always test the relaxer before applying it, start from the nape of the neck and move upward.

#7 – Can I apply a relaxer right after shampooing?
A: No. It is best to wait until the scalp has some natural oil to protect it. It is also recommended to wait between 5-7 days between a shampoo and a relaxer.

Credits: Clairol Professionals