Are Your Breasts Different Sizes? I Found The Right Bra For Your Bosoms.

            It used to be that if one of your breasts is noticeably a different size than the other you had to buy a bra that would fit either the bigger one or the smaller one. Not anymore. Fruit of the loom makes it possible for you to pick and pay for your own bra cup. It’s like getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks. You only pay $5.00 per cup. How cool is that? They carry sizes A 2 D. You can buy exactly A for one side,  or A with extra padding for the other side, or you can buy 34A for one side and 34B for the other side.
Now you can buy your customized undergarment for a very good price. I don’t know if Victoria’s Secret has that option, but you can always visit their website for a perfect bra size measurement.

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