Is It Safe To Use Haitian or Jamaican Black Castor Oil On Children’s Hair?

I know a lot of you might be wondering if it is safe to use Haitian or Jamaican black castor oil on your daughters’ hair. From personal experience I can say that it is safe to use it on your child’s hair.
     Castor oil is the only oil used on babies in Haiti. We use it to keep their hair soft after each wash.
We also use it on their bodies when they have a fever. My daughter was born with multiple allergies. She is allergic to milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, and wheat, but she is not allergic to the oil at all.
A few things you should know: 

  • Run a test before applying the oil on the child’s scalp, as it can make the scalp itchy.
  • Don’t use the oil more than 3 times a week.
  • Wash the child’s hair the next day to keep the scalp clean.
  • Stop using the product if you notice a rash on the scalp, or if the scalp starts bleeding.