Six Simple Jewelry Rules Every Woman Should Live By

  1. Make your necklace work for you: A long strand that hits below your bust makes you look taller and leaner.
  2. Not sure how to wear your bracelets? Bangle up: A stack of skinny bangles can do the trick.
  3. It’s okay to add an oversized watch as one bold accessory.
  4. A ring should always flatter your fingers. Wide rings for thin, long fingers, narrow bands or ring styles that extend toward the knuckles for short fingers.
  5. Consider the shape of your face when shopping for earrings: Pendants for a round or square face. Studs, buttons, or short drop earrings for an oval face. Choose hoops when you are not sure.
  6. Try wearing one big piece of accessory at a time. One that people will remember. One wide cuff bracelet is a great example.