Color Wheel: How To Match Brown With Turquoise

Pairing Brown WIth Turquoise
         I am taking over the color wheel for the next couple of months to show you guys how to pair different colors and how to style them. Today we are pairing brown with turquoise. Turquoise is the color you get when you mix blue and green together. There are different shades of turquoise. For example: we have light turquoise, medium turquoise, Celeste turquoise, dark turquoise, blue turquoise and so on.

 The exact opposite color to brown is blue,which means we can pair any color from the blue family with brown.

Pairing Brown with turquoise:

  1. Turquoise top, two-piece brown suits (pants or skirt) as an accent color for work
  2. Brown dress, turquoise shoes, nice brown clutch purse for date/dinner night
  3. Striped brown/black skirt, turquoise top, black shoes for a casual look
  4. Turquoise skinny jeans/skirt, nice brown cheetah top, black heels, for an  after-five look.
  5. Turquoise gown, brown shoes, brown clutch purse for a wedding, or a more formal event. 

What do you think?

Outfit Ideas: Fashion Inspired By Fast & Furious 6

Outfit Ideas: Fashion inspired by FURIOUS 6T By Alexander Wang / Skinny leg jeans, $38 / Friendship bracelet / Charlotte Russe earrings / Zirconia jewelry / Black military boots 

         Ladies,  You have to see Fast & Furious 6. It is really an action packed movie. It will keep you on the edge of your seats. I paid $23 for me and my husband and I did not regret a penny. All the viewers got so engaged. We clapped. We Cheered. We talked to the actors like black people do:-) You get the idea!
        Now, about the look:
             Letty, the character played by Michelle Rodriguez, is sexy, smart, and she has a little mean street in her. This look was created after seeing her in action. The punk motorcycle military combat boots really suit her because she is a racer. The little bracelet and earrings make her look more feminine. You would have to watch the movie to find out why I chose the cross pendant necklace. I don’t want to spoil it for y’all.
                                 Would you wear this outfit?