12 Must Have Trendy Summer Sandals

           These are some of this season’s  most affordable sandals. They cost $50.00 or lower. I know you already have some of them in your closet,  if not, get ready to shop! You should have shoes for every style and occasion, that’s why this list was created to give you an idea what to buy if you are in the market for new, trendy sandals.

Sam & Libby for Target Shoes Are Here: Shop Flats, Wedges and Pumps

If you love shoes like I do, this is probably good news for you. I love chic and affordable shoes, I was happy to find out today that Target has a new collection of  designer shoes. The price range for these shoes is $22.99-$34.99. What surprises me is that those prices are not too different from the regular Sam & Libby shoes.

Ready, Set, Shop!

Six (6) Chic & Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Vera Wang Scarf $22.40
Kenneth Cole Reaction Wallet $15.00
Victoria’s secret Getaway bag
Long Shell Necklace Set

Bare minerals Skin Collection
Rampage Cut-out Dress

These are things that I really want for myself,
but since I had you in mind when I was writing my
wishlist, I decided to share my list with you.

Outfit Ideas: How To Look Great For Under $66.00

       I know summer is not here yet, but we can wear cute little dresses until it gets here, even if we have to use a cardigan in the morning and the afternoon.



Dress: $19.99, Cardigan:  $12.99, Handbag: $15, Earrings: $3.80,  Sandals: $12.99 or 2/$20.
See, the secret to being a bargain shopper is to shop at different stores and never miss a great sale.




        Remember when we used to pay $19.99 for a good pair of Fioni shoes at PAYLESS? Not anymore. Now with most of the designers trying to appeal to some of us who don’t have a six figure income, even payless shoes are getting more expensive every year.

  1. #1  Lyndie Side Bow Pumps (Fioni) $29.99
  2. #2 Cynthia Sling ( Christian Siriano for Payless) $54.99 Reg. $17.99 sale
  3. #3 Kosmic Platform Pump (Brash) $34.99 
  4. #4 Kim Toe Chillie Slip On ( Isabel Toledo) $42.99 for Payless)
  5. #5 Letoile Peep Toe Sling ( Christian Siriano for Paless) $29.99
  6. #6 Lunar Platform Wedge ( Brash) $34.99

     I am all for great, comfortable shoes. But to call a store PAYLESS and sell shoes that go up to $54.99 is a little misleading.

7 Shopping Tips All Women Should Know

You love to shop. I love to shop. They love to shop. Shopping is good. It is therapeutic, but are you shopping the right way? Your shopping experiences will change after reading this post. I promise.

  1. The biggest mistake women make when shopping is buying an outfit that does not flatter her frame. Don’t just buy something because it is on sale or because your shopping buddy likes it. If it does not look good on you it is not for you.
  2. Never shop without a list: that will save you time and money. We tend to spend too much time and money in the mall when we don’t know exactly what we are looking for. In addition to a list, you will need snacks and water, that will prevent you from starving yourself. Sometimes we spend so much time looking for what we want that we forget to eat, and we end up being bloated.
  3. Shop your weight and height: One of my biggest fashion turnoffs is women wearing clothes  that are too small for them. Capri pants are for tall and skinny women. If you are 5’3″, stay away from them. They will only make you look shorter.
  4. Bring your own shoes: If you are shopping for an evening dress,  you shouldn’t try it on with your flats on. If you already have the shoes you will wear with the dress, take them to the store with you.
  5. shop blowout sales early: When Macy’s announces  they will have a HUGE sale on Wednesday, that means the sale already started on Tuesday. My sister gave me that tip. Don’t wait until the end of the sale day to go shopping.
  6. Buy great shoes: Believe it or not, shoes can make or break your outfit. A great pair of shoes can even make a jumpsuit look good. 
  7. Buy quality clothes: By quality I mean great fabrics, hemlines, zippers, pockets. A great pear of jeans does not have to be expensive if the pockets are not buckled, the zippers don’t get stuck and the hems are well sewn.

Chic Find Of The Day: 1.42 Ct Oval Purple Amethyst White Topaz Sterling Silver Pendant

Product Details:

Gem Type: Amethyst and Topaz
Total Carat Weight: 1.42 Ct
Cut: Oval and Round
Color: Purple and White
Clarity: VS
Chain: This pendant comes with 18 inch chain
Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver
Gram Weight: 0.90 grams
Number of Gemstone(s): 17
Product Length: 15 mm
Product Width: 10 mm
Estimated Retail Price: $252.00
Price: $39.99 + Free Shipping

This is a great gift for mother’s day, which is right around the corner.