Celebrating My Birthday At The Red Lobster

Hi guys,
        Some of you probably knew that last month was my birthday. Yes, I turned 36 on June 25th. Thanks to all my google+ followers for sending so much love my way. Thanks to GOOGLE for personalizing my google search page with a wonderful birthday surprise.
I made such a big deal about my birthday last year. I was turning 35. I was excited. It was like turning 25; I wanted to do something stupid when I turned 25 and I did. Don’t ask me what it was!! So last year my sister threw a surprised birthday party for me. She bought me shoes, and my husband got me my TOSHIBA laptop. We had a lot of friends over and I had a lot of fun.
       Anyway, I wanted my birthday to be low-key this year. There is nothing fun about turning 36, 37, or 38. These numbers only get you closer to the big 4-0. Turning 40 is, let’s just say scary. I am not looking forward to it because I don’t know what to expect. I celebrated with my bubby only this year. We had a two-hour-dinner at the red lobster. We stayed for that long because our friend was the server. You know how Italians can talk. She talked so much we could not eat. ( Hi Patty).


Yes, I am holding the crab legs.

I am about to put it in my mouth.

Trying To smile when my mouth is filled with crab meat.

My hubby ate the Jesus out of those green beans.

       Now you know what to order next time you go to RedLobster. I hope you enjoyed seeing me in my most vulnerable state:-) Have a nice weekend!

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