What To Wear To A Wedding


The wedding season is here. Yep! a lot of  women love to have a spring or summer wedding. Summer is when flowers are ready to get picked. The temperature is hot, and the bride-to-be can wear whatever she wants. Summer is also when a lot of outdoor weddings happen.

What’s the etiquette when it comes to what to wear to a wedding?
It used to be that you could not wear black, white, or red to a wedding, but now black and red are fine. You still can’t wear white to a wedding, unless you are pissed at the bride. What to wear to a wedding really depends on the season, the time of the wedding, and the theme. Some wedding planners do give a hint on what to wear sometimes if the wedding has a theme. 

      A casual wedding tends to happen during the day. If that’s the case,  wear something simple. Stay away from sequined or beaded dresses. Wear a strapless dress with open-toed shoes. A knee high dress gets a big YES from me. Avoid heavy materials that will make you sweat like crazy if it’s an outdoor wedding.

      A semi-formal wedding is usually when the ceremony is in the afternoon and the reception is in the evening. If the invitation does not specify any dress code,  wear a cocktail dress or an evening suit. Avoid bright colors like orange and hot pink. Keep in mind that black tie does not mean floor length gowns anymore, unless it is the grandest of affairs like going to the opera. A knee length dress is acceptable for an evening reception. Opt for fabrics like silk or silk blend. Remember to cover up in church as some people may find it offensive.

     Wear something casual if you get invited to the rehearsal dinner. Never try to out-dress the bride-to-be. Don’t wear anything too flashy either because you want all the attention to be on her, not you. After all, who’s day is it anyway!


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