Outfit Ideas: Fashion Inspired By Father’s Day

Hi ladies,
    This outfit was inspired by the dads in your lives. My dad and I don’t live close to each other, but I thank God for blessing me with one of the most wonderful dads in the world, my husband of eight years. Father’s day only comes once a year, so use this occasion to show the dads that are closer to you how much you love them and appreciate the work that they do to support their family.

The look

     The main piece from the set is the check shirt, which would look great when tucked into a pair of boyfriend jeans, fasten by a red belt, which begs the question: why a red belt? In the search to find answers, you come face to face with a pair of red  woman’s loafer. The look wouldn’t be complete without  the handbag, a watch, and a pair of stud earrings. This is a great look for a Sunday brunch with dad and the kids.

 I need your feedback. What do you think? How do you accessorize your check shirt?


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