11 Must Have Hair Tools For Natural Hair

11 Must Have Hair Tools For NaturalistasHi naturalistas,
        This post is to give you an idea what kind of tools I use on my hair, and to encourage you to invest in great tools for your hair. These tools are in no particular order even though they are labeled.

  1. My number one is the wide tooth comb. If you have curly hair, I recommend that you finger comb your hair before using any comb. The wide tooth comb  also minimizes shedding.
  2. I personally prefer the hair dryer that comes with the comb because it effortlessly blows out your hair.
  3. A  rat tail (pintail) comb is great for parting your hair. It can also be used with a flat iron for better results.
  4. Paddle brushes are great both for detangling and styling your hair.
  5. Every naturalista needs a bristle brush to keep fly away hair in place.
  6. A nylon brush can help in the blow drying process if you are using a hair dryer that does not come with a comb head.
  7. Curling irons can be used instead of flexi rods after the hair is flat ironed. 
  8. What naturalista does not need a hot comb? Some of us need both a flat iron and a hot comb to get bone straight hair.
  9. Sometimes our hair needs a little lift, and nothing like an Afro comb (hair pick) can help with that.
  10. We all need a little trim once in a while, that’s why a pair of scissors should be part of our hair tool collection.
  11. Ceramic flat irons, like hot combs, should not be used too often, but it is always great to have them.

What would you add to this list?

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