10 Things You Never Think Would Make You Fat

10 Things You Never Think Would Make You Fat
1. Carb- free liquors: Carb-free liquors only means less sugar, but the calories are still high because of the percentage of alcohol in the drinks. Opt for low-calorie drinks instead.
2. Stressing out: Your cortisol hormone rises when you are stressed out, which affects your metabolism. Meditation is a great way to combat stress.
3. Missing meals: Missing a meal can slow down your metabolism. It is not only breakfast, any meal. Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day helps your metabolism work better.
4. Too little fiber: Fiber makes you feel full faster, not getting enough can make you eat more. Eat more food that are riched in fiber.
5. Refined sugar: Refined sugars are found mostly in carbonated drinks like sodas. Drink more water or 100% fruit juice.
6. Steroid Based Drugs: Medications like hydro-cortisone can cause weight gain because they increase appetite and make your body retain water. Switching to a different drug may help you if you suffer from these side effects.
7. TV Dining: Eating while watching TV is like unconscious eating. You are zoned out. You don’t even realize if you are full or not. Eat your meals in the dining area instead.
8. Dining out: You tend to eat more when you eat out because, not only they give you a lot of food, but you also don’t want the food go to waste. Prepare most of your meals at home or ask for a brown bag.
9. Smoothies: Smoothies are good as a meal instead of just a drink. Some of us think that because it’s fruit it is healthy. No. Too much of any good thing can also be a bad thing.
10. Depression: Being depressed can force us to eat food that are high in calories. We also tend to sleep more when we are depressed. Therefore, we don’t have time to burn the calories. Regular exercise is always great for the brain and the body.

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