Makeup Products Every Woman Should Have In Their Handbags.






1.- ($24.00) The three tools in one is all you need to have perfect brows: it has a slanted pencil to feel your brows in, a sponge applicator with a highlighter for your browbone, and a spoolie brush to tame the piece of hair that wont behave. 

2.- ($30.00) The cone-shaped tip of the wand of YSL Mascara Singulier was designed to coat the lashes closest to the inner corner of your eye. 
3.- ($24.00) Paul & Joe color powder CS has jojoba oil ( jojoba oil is the only oil  that is closed to the oil that your body produces naturally) orange flower water, and rosemary extract to  moisturize and smoothe your skin.
4.- ($5.19) A makeup artists favorite, the updated, extralarge brush has long, thicker bristles to grab the new volumizing formula.
5.- ($24.95) This is a long lasting and flawless eyeshadow that won’t crease and disappear after a few hours.


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