I Just Got My First Free Book From Goodreads.com

     Who says you can’t get nothing for nothing these days? I was sitting in my living room Friday when  I heard the door bell. I got up to open the door and saw the UPS guy leaving. In my head I was thinking, “What can brown do for me this hot spring day?” When I opened the door there was a package on the ground. I picked up, and I immediately knew there was a book in there. I was excited. I already knew where the book came from. 
       If  you are not a goodreads.com member, you are not a reader. Goodreads.com allow readers to enter giveaways, write book reviews, write personal stories, interact with other readers, get answers from your favorite authors, get signed copies of new releases. So I entered many of their million giveaways and I was able to receive my first book from them. The book costs about $10.98 at barnesandnobles.com, but i got it completely free. If you have a blog about book reviews, you need to check it out. Cheap is good, but free is better.


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