Innovative Haircare Company Launches New All-Natural, Chemical-Free Solution For African American Women’s Hair

— NACEM, LLC’s new “Bright Star Hair Anointing Oil” puts women’s hair on a vegetarian diet, made up of natural ingredients of oils, fruits, nuts and berries. —

Bright Star Hair Anointing Oil

Nationwide (February 12, 2013) — NACEM, LLC announces the product launch of “Bright Star Hair Anointing Oil”. The entrepreneurial spirit is still alive for African American people. February celebrates Black History Month and brings to mind the many products and inventions that have been attributed to people of the African Diaspora. There is a saying that, “need is the mother of invention” that saying has great meaning at this time in history. It is a time when African Americans again strive to re-invent and redefine themselves in an atmosphere that is shifting in its stereotypes. Power is being redefined, beauty is being redefined, healthy living is being redefined and community is being redefined.

Esther Pearson, director of the company, comments, “As adjustments to the shifting landscape are being made, one thing that can be done is to focus on healthy living. Not as a New Year Resolution but as a permanent way of life. African Americans have been stereotyped as consumers of products, not producers of products. They are known as participants in unhealthy cooking and eating. Known for diets with too much fat and salt, and too little fruits and vegetables; we are being challenged to repent and go in another direction.” Keep reading>> 

P.S: Are being catered to? Or are we being fooled?
I visited the website where the product is being sold, I feel like there is something fishy about the whole thing. Not much was said about the product. There were no mentions of what kind of ingredients were used to create it, e.g: avocado, coconut oil, jojoba oil etc. The page was more about the accomplishments of the product’s representatives. No samples were being offered. If I were launching a product for the first time, I would at least distribute some samples,or have convincing testimonials on my site. Something is just not right about this product.


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