Black Women Wearing Their Natural Hair: Fad Or New Normal?

Updated: February 11, 2013

MIDLAND/ODESSA–The natural look is something you may see more African American women opting for. The days of chemically straightening to achieve sleek bone straight hair is a thing of the past for many women. Serenity Salon and spa owners Juana Young, has her own reasons for the change.
“We’re more confident in ourselves as a people, and we realize that it’s our difference that makes us who we are,” said young.
She said over the past few years, her clientele has grown in leaps. Young said she actually decided to “go natural” two years ago.
“You know wearing natural hair has more to do with spiritual and self-awareness, you know just being free being me.”
That’s a realization that took UTPB College Junior Imperial Lopez a while to accept. She’s been natural her whole life, but she admits societies un-written rules of acceptability influenced her hair experiences.
“They had the long pretty straight hair and I was the kid with the frizz you know. I didn’t know how to make myself feel good about that,” said Lopez.
That was a struggle man young and old black women felt: The sense that their hair wasn’t good enough. Even so, as many still face that “good enough” challenge the number of natural hair websites and YouTube vloggers are growing and through that teaching and encouraging other naturals by giving them the strength to believe that they’re hair is fine.
Lopez said, now that she’s older, she feels like her hair is good enough. She said growing up she found out that the same people she was jealous of, later admitted to being jealous of the versatility of her natural hair.
On the other hand, Young said she never quite experience those feelings, but her clients have ranges of similar stories. However, she’s happy to see the trend.
“I think as we embrace one another and we embrace who we really are we’re just more comfortable in expressing it to the world,” said Young.
In the meantime, Lopez looks back on her childhood and is hopeful for the self-image of upcoming African American youth.

“You know there are those little kids out there that are starting to see this is a natural beautiful thing you know. You’ll see these magazines, you’ll see these models on TV having their hair just full out natural and they look beautiful and amazing.”
Watch a video of the transcript here:
P.S:  Good hair by whose standards? Who are you to tell me that my hair, or my skin is not good enough?
You are good enough. Your hair is good enough. Jesus died for you because God believed that you were worth dying for. Saying that your hair is not good enough is like saying that God made a mistake when HE created you. And you know that God does not make mistakes. Some of us do relax our hair because we want something different, not because something is wrong with it.

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