5 Questions w/ Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

1Love Blog: I really enjoyed your episode of ‘Styled by June’. It was great seeing you back in the spotlight. What projects are you working on and when can we expect another gospel album? [My favorite gospel song of yours is still ‘Heard a Word – Nothing like that still quiet voice].
Michelle: I can’t wait to do another gospel project! Gospel has always been my first love! I like ALL types of music, but I guess because of my upbringing it’s rooted and grounded in me! Everybody loves gospel music!
1LB:  Speaking of ‘Styled by June’, I absolutely loved your “before” hair and the statement you made while in the salon chair – [granted, I’m partial to curly hair *smile*]. Why do you think there is such a misconception or drawback in the industry for those who choose to rock curly ‘dos?
M: Rocking your hair however you want makes you uniquely you. I really love my curly ‘fro, but then I love blow-drying it straight and a clip-in or two for a little variety. I wear my hair according to what I’m doing. We’ve allowed foolish magazines and beauty editors to tell us what beauty is. We really gotta let people know that natural is beautiful too!
1LB: I’ve seen your interactions with fans online [specifically with Kevin & Makael of The Skorpion Show, <<— Love them] and you truly seem to be a genuinely down to earth person. With all of your success, how do you stay grounded and remain true to self?
M: I guess I’m able to stay grounded because I try not to bring anything that I do “home” with me. I leave all on the stage or wherever I perform, speak, etc. My family also keeps me grounded. I’m very close to my family. I have no other choice but to stay true to self because I have to live w/ME! LOL!
1LB:  Of all that you’ve accomplished – Broadway, Stage Plays, Music – what are you most grateful and proud of?

M: I’m proud that I’ve been able to do what I love professionally for 13 years. Proud that I’ve been able to push and inspire others to live their dreams too!

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1LB: Who is the WiseWoman behind Michelle Williams? [Anything you’d like to share with readers in regards to who the woman, Michelle, is behind the cameras, stage curtains and microphones. Anything you’d like to share on what keeps you motivated, what makes you tick, what keeps you focused].
M: I’ve recently made it a point to pay CLOSE attention to that inner voice. I used to allow the opinions of others to sway me, now I’m free from that. I only have people around me that believe! My love for music and the arts keep me going, because I remember a time when I couldn’t afford a Broadway ticket to see a fabulous play and to actually star in them is mind-blowing!

“I used to allow the opinions of others to sway me, now I’m free from that” <<< —- THIS is everything! I’m truly inspired. Be sure to connect with Michelle on twitter!

  References/Credits: 1loveblog.com


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