Is That Beyonce’s Real Natural Hair?

              I get this question all the time when I wear extensions. “Is that your hair?”, they often ask me. I used to get mad and irritated every time I get asked this question. Sometimes I think about telling them No, it belongs to some Indian lady whom I will never meet. Or,  yes it is my hair I paid $180 for it. It is mine! Sometimes I get really mean and say, “What’s it to you?” What’s more frustrating is that even some sisters ask me the same question. The answer is simple. I wear protective styles 95% of the time, which means if you are my co-worker, or a church member, you will never see my real hair. The people who really see my hair are family members (when I wash my hair), and my blog readers:-)
           Why are we all up in other women’s hair? Is it because we are jealous when somebody else has longer hair than we do? Or because we are just interested in what they do to get their hair so long? Or because we have long hair too, but we are just nosy?
I am not going to lie. Although I never asked a sister if her hair is real or not, I do compliment her on her beautiful hair and ask her what products she uses to get her hair so healthy. At this point it is up to her to either tell me the truth about her “real” hair or  lie to me . Either way I will never find out, because I will not do to her what Chris Rock did to Oprah.
           I do believe that Beyonce is rocking her real natural hair in this picture.
What do you think?


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