Why is My Hair Breaking and Shedding at the same Time?

When it comes to my hair I can deal with the shedding, but it is the breakage that upsets me. I have a head full of hair, so shedding is actually good for me. For the first time since I became natural, my hair was shedding and breaking a lot. My hair started to shed and break from the time I started to detangle until after I was done washing my hair. It shed some more when I was applying my leave-in conditioner, and braiding my hair.


  • Very normal if you are not losing more than 100 strands per day.
  • There is a bulb at the end of the strand.
  • Sometimes means that you’re experiencing new growth.
  • Black tea can help minimize it, but will not stop it.


    • Not a normal part of the growth cycle.
    • Can be caused by improper handling of the hair.
    • Protein\Moisture imbalance.
    • It can take a while for the breakage to stop

         I believe that my hair started to break because of a protein overload. I tried a homemade deep conditioner to which I had to add 1 egg. I have 4b/4c hair. I need more moisture than I need protein. Now I have to baggy my hair to get my protein/moisture balance back. So this is mistake number one for me since I became natural in June of  2012.


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