Smooth’n Shine Polishing Mousse with Olive & Tea Tree Reviv Oil REVIEW

This product had me at Olive & Tea Tree oil. The word moisture popped in my head when I read these words. The average price for an 8.5 Fl oz is $2.70. It is a very good product. It does everything it promisses and more.
* It comes in a bottle that I can open if I want to use the last drop.
* The tube sits on the bottom of the bottle, which makes it easy to use the product when it gets to the bottom of the bottle.
*It is very easy to pump the product. You don’t have to worry about the pump getting stuck, and therefore loose most of the product.
*It is very good to keep your braids moisturized.
*It holds a twist out like no other, especially for those who have no curl definions.
*It holds the hair without making it crunchy.
 *It literally speaks volume. It does not weight the hair down.
The bottom line is, it holds your hair while moisturizing it at the same time.
Read directions on the bottle before using the product. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.


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