Feeling Like A Princess

I’ve been so off my blogging game lately, I need to tick it up a notch!
I got this top from F21 a long time ago, but since I grew a few inches taller, it seemed to have missed my waistline, but thank God for high waist bottoms(:
I dread shrinkage!
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Made in Nigeria
Flats: Target
I really love maxi dresses and skirts, so you just might be seeing more of that!(;


36 thoughts on “Feeling Like A Princess

  1. Morgan Nicole Ilg says:

    oh my goodness I certianly hate when I get out of the blogging game! lol but I have to say that I REALLY like that on you! I have been LOVING the maxi skirts lately too! You are so adorable!! I love it!and I really like your blog, I will definitely be back to see some more posts from you =)Have a great night!~Morganp.s. I just ended a series on my blog with a giveaway, there will be three winners =). Please feel free to enter, it is really easy to enter for it! =)

  2. Phioxee says:

    u look like vanessa hudgens. πŸ™‚ i also love maxis coz i have to hide my big calves lol just me,www.phioxee.comhttp://phioxeeAwareness.blogspot.com

  3. no. says:

    heiiiii :)thank for your comment in my blog, you're very nice and you've very beautiful smile :Di follow you right now, i hope you can do the same!i wait you in my blog!Alicewww.alicemazzara.blogspot.com

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