Women Of Color Calender

I got an offer to be in The women of color calender, a small annual project in Columbus Ohio. I was nervous, but I decided to give it a try.

The night before, I had told one of my friends I was going to be in a women of color calender, and she told me that I wasn’t a woman of color, but one with color, implying that I was a dark skinned woman with a “white girl personality” which I took to offense…*sighs* I just wish racial stereotypes would die already!
This on is my personal favorites!(:

 Somewhere during the photoshoot, the photographer had me sit on the grass…by the end of the shoot, my thighs and arms had broken out in hives 😦

 I sure had a lot of fun though, and the park was so beautiful!
It was really windy and sunny, but my hair was good to me, thanks to Eco Styler and bobby pins!


7 thoughts on “Women Of Color Calender

  1. Corner Curl Girl says:

    Hello dear and thank you for the comment! I see you are a beautiful natural fashionista too!! Love the way look on the side of your fro! Stay in touch–I am following you! ;)CCGccurlgirl.blogspot.com

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