Natural Hair Journey: How to beat the summer heat.

A few tips on how to protect your hair during the summer. The sun will add extra heat to your hair, especially today, 4th of July. Therefore, keeping your hair moisturized is a must this summer.
  1.  Washing your hair twice a week during the summer will add more moisture to your hair. If you workout a lot, you will sweat a lot, too. So using a clarifying shampoo once a week can keep your scalp clean. You can also use a moisturizing conditioner to do a co-wash so your hair can keep its natural oil.
  2. One of the things that I like about summer is that you can let your hair air dry or do a wash and go with no problem. Your hair will dry very fast wihout using a hair dryer.
  3. If you go swimming in the pool to keep your head cool, don’t forget to rinse your hair out really good before applying your leave in conditioner and oil.
  4. Using a hat during the summer does not only protect your skin, it also protects your hair against the sun.
These are all the tips that I have for you. Have fun and remember, it is not the journey, it is the destination. So set a goal for your hair every six months and try your hardest to achieve it.

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