Fix Your Foot Problems Before Summer Gets Here.


  It is time for me to stop hiding my feet because summer is about a month away. The problems below need to be solved in order for me to enjoy flip flops during the summer.

An ingrowing nail:

Tight shoes can compress your toes and force the flesh into the nails. This condition is called ingrowing nail.

Solution: Soak your feet in a tub of warm water at least 3 times a week to reduce inflammation. If you experience pain, you need to see a podiatric surgeon within 48 hours.

Tips: Cut your nails straight across and just beyond the tips of your toes. And wear roomier shoes.

Yellow nails: ( one of my problems)

If your feet are yellow, thick and flaky, you may have a fungal infection. This yellowing of the nail may be a stain caused by some chemicals in your nail polish.

Solution: See a foot doctor instead of trying to solve the problem by yourself.

Tips: Dry your feet completely and sprinkle absorbent powder into your shoes to avoid moisture. Try to avoid nail polish that has harsh toxins in it.

Calluses: Calluses are your body’s way of protecting stressed skin. If you wear high heels, or walk around barefoot, this condition can happen to you.

Solution: Use a callus file in the shower. Don’t file to hard to avoid making the problem worse. You can also use some over the counter product to help soften your feet.

Tips: Rub Vaseline on your feet every night before bedtime and put socks on to help your feet stay soft.


Note: Tea Tree Oil can also help fight fungal infections. It can be expensive, but you will get your money’s worth. You can use is as a top coat before applying your nail polish.


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